Frequently Asked Questions

Who doesn’t have questions? We know that you probably do and we have answered a ton of the most popular ones below. Have one that we didn’t answer? Contact Us.

Account FAQs

How many websites are included in my plan?

One. Each plan is for a single website.

Can I add more websites to my plan?

Yes, we offer additional websites per plan on a generous discount / reduction of anywhere between 20 and 50% depending on how many sites you need in your plan.

What is your contract length?

Contract? Length? Huh? You can cancel at any time.

I’ve signed up! How do I give you access to our existing website?

At a minimum, we need access to your WordPress website. The preferred way: Add us as a new user with administrative privileges using the following credentials:

  • Username: wpsitepros
  • Email: support@wpsitepros.com
  • First Name: WP
  • Last Name: Site Pros
  • Website: https://wpsitepros.com

By keeping our login separate from yours, gives you the peace of mind knowing you can “kick us out” at anytime, and so you can use your login as you normally would. We actually prefer to NOT use your existing username / login, but understand it might be necessary. Therefore…

The alternative method: Give us credentials of an existing user with administrative privileges. If you give us credentials of an existing user, we will immediately set ourselves up with the ‘wpsitepros’ user noted above and access the site using that username forever.

NOTE: Your website may have special files or folders or other non-standard configuration. If so, or if you do not know, we will also need FTP access to your current hosting servers. Alternatively, you can give us your hosting control panel access and we will take it from there.

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General FAQs

How does technical support work?

Unless you are on the Business Plan, We use support tickets in lieu of phone calls. We strive to make sure all communication is documented and extremely clear; we’ve found that this makes it easier for our entire team to know what’s going on with your site.

Support tickets can be submitted through your WordPress dashboard using our WPSitePro Dashboard Widget. You can also email us support@wpsitepros.com at any time from the email address associated with your WPSP account.

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

Our support hours are 8am – 5pm PST Monday through Friday. Any support tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours. We do monitor your website 24/7 and will take reasonable action if your site goes down outside of our normal support hours.

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WordPress Updates

How often do you perform updates / maintenance?

While we monitor your site continuously, we only apply updates on a more controlled schedule approximately weekly. NOTE: If there are security concerns or instances of urgent updates, we’ll update sooner.

What happens if an update breaks my site?

In rare cases, an update may break something. It can range from a certain functionality / plugin from breaking to the entire website going down. Either way, we will fix it. We will determine the issue and take action. In some instances, a plugin, theme or other customization may simply “go out of date” requiring the purchase, upgrade of the theme or plugin, or additional work to particular customization.

What happens if a plugin on my site is no longer supported?

Like many things in life, sometimes things just stop working due to age, changing environment, incompatibility to newer WordPress versions, etc. If in the course of our maintenance we find a plugin that is no longer supported and/or breaks your site, we will advise you of a course of action to remedy. This might include purchasing a new license / update, or in the case a plugin is no longer available, finding a suitable replacement. NOTE: these services will likely not be covered under our routine maintenance services.

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Hosting FAQs

Do you offer web hosting?

Yes! It’s how our services are all-encompassing. Not all “Managed WordPress Services” offer hosting, but we do. It allows us to manage your entire WordPress environment, and offers you the best overall solution. So many big and popular providers do not include the actual hosting. We find it a bit of a misnomer to call a service “Managed Hosting” but not host it. 

It also allows us to fine tune the hosting environment to your requirements, and finally, it allows us to know and monitor who is on your servers. Many bulk hosting providers such as hostgator, godaddy, and even siteground, will “share” a given server with hundreds and sometimes thousands of other websites which can have performance and security concerns. We screen every one of our customers.

What if we have our own hosting?

No problem. It is not required that you actually host your website with us. We’ll even discount your plan. You may have a hosting account already established at a reputable hosting company and that is fine. In fact, many “managed wordpress” services actually do not include hosting as part of their plan. We do offer it and it’s one of the major benefits of our services. 

But it’s not required. However, first we ensure that your web host is reputable, safe & secure and that the performance is in line with your website’s needs. We can’t be responsible for all of the maintenance, upkeep and security of your website if it’s on sub-par hosting servers. 

Do you offer email services?

No, we do not offer hosted email services. We recommend Google Apps for your email. And good news! We are Google Resellers and can help you setup and manage your email. Other options that you may want to check out are Zoho (Free), MXRoute ($) and Rackspace ($). 

Where are your hosting servers located?

We maintain a variety of cloud based, VPS servers around the United States. When provisioning your account, we’ll select the server closest to the core of your traffic. 

How Does your Free SSL Certificate work?

All of our plans include installation and configuration of a free SSL certificate. The certificate is provided by LetsEncrypt which is very sufficient for many websites, including e-commerce sites. If you need a more secure environment, we can help you source, purchase and install a 3rd party SSL certificate for an additional fee.

Do I get a Control Panel / CPanel with my hosting account?

No, a Cpanel is not included with our hosting platform.

Do I get FTP access with my hosting account?

Yes, you get FTP access. Technically, it’s SFTP.

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Content Management

What is “Content Management”?

WordPress websites consist of 2 main areas: The front end and the back end. The front end is what the user sees. Text, images, videos, pages, posts/stories, photo galleries, events in a calendar, etc. The back end is everything “under the hood” relating to software, patches/updates, plugins, etc. WordPress “Maintenance” typically focuses on the back end. The typical model consists of one person updating content, posting stories, uploading pictures to a gallery, updating the about us page, entering an event into the calendar and another person “working under the hood” to keep everything running smoothly.

We are in the unique position to not only offer back end / under the hood maintenance, but also maintain your front end content. We have a variety of plans that provide you with a set number of hours over a period of time. It’s simple – you send us the content you need updating, and we’ll make it happen.

Do you really have a 2hr/year Website Edit Plan?

Yes, because many of our clients do not need overly bloated and costly plans offering XX hours every month. They simply don’t need it. Clients with a simple static brochure site may only need to do an annual update for easy things like a resume page, about us page, or a quick services page change. We also have quarterly plans which are great for seasonal business such as cafes and restaurants. But we do have more traditional plans offering a range from 1-5 or more hours per month in website edit.

Do you do SEO?

Not really. It’s too niche and specialized. But we know the basics, the proper frameworks and know the talk – meaning that if we’re also managing your content, we’ll use “best practices” when it comes to certain SEO aspects. If you’re looking for serious, professional SEO services, we can refer you to some great providers.

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