Content Management

We are in a unique position to offer website editing (content management) services along with our managed hosting. With that in mind, it is important to define what is included with Content Management services.

To help illustrate what this means, we’ve highlighted what type of services are included and not included.


Essentially anything related to content (text, images, details, etc.) such as:

  • Update existing pages with new content or images
  • Create new blog/news posts
  • Add new events to your Calendar
  • Adjust a Home Page Slider w/ new Image/Copy
  • Add pictures to your Gallery
  • Adjust a Sidebar w/ Content or Widgets
  • Manage users on your site
  • Provide you with support or basic instruction*
  • And so-on . . .

Many users still like to manage their sites with basic updating, etc. and that is great! We welcome it. When under a Content Update plan, we’ll be glad to provide assistance and support in relation to you making changes/updates.

Not Included

Anything that adds/removes functionality or considerably changes the design (to where Web Design skills are required).

  • Add/Change Functionality, either through Custom Development or Plugins​
  • Purchase a plugin, set it up for you and then install & configure it on your site
  • Complex tasks such as “Redesign Home Page”
  • Page or Blog Post Redesigns​
  • Create a new, complex intake form
  • Add the ability to process collect payment, process credit cards
  • Generally, tasks that take more than 30min
  • And so-on . . .

* Many of these items above take at least an hour and/or must be conducted by one of our senior designers or higher team members.

If you are not sure if something would be included, simply ask 🙂


Here are a few examples to help illustrate what is and is not included:

  • Included: You want us to post a blog article using content (text, images, etc.) that you sent with instructions.
  • Not included: You want us to write a blog post from scratch, find images and upload to WordPress with no instruction for formatting
  • Included: You want us to add a new product to your WooCommerce store. You’ve provided all of the content (text, images, etc.) and information (pricing, shipping, etc.)
  • Not included: You want us to write the product description, find or take pictures, research pricing, determine your shipping and then add all of it to the store.
  • Included: You want to change an estore product page layout from a 4wide grid to a 3wide grid.
  • Not included: You want us to create a custom checkout process for your WooCommerce store.
  • Included: You want us to install and set up a basic plugin to use its default, out of the box functionality. (This is a grey area as some plugins, even basic, have a lot of functionality, configuration and integration into a website. We will let you know if a specific plugin is beyond “simple and basic’
  • Not included: You want us to purchase and then install an advanced scheduling / calendaring plugin, sign you up for an account, and customize it to match your brand and colors.
  • Included: You want us to add a new field to your intake form.
  • Not included: You want us to add a new field to your intake form, connect it with Mailchimp, adjust the routing of the auto-responder, and trigger an email campaign sequence out of Mailchimp.
  • Included: You want us to replace the current text on your About Us page using the text you emailed us.
  • Not included: You want us to write content or find new images for your About page.
  • Included: You want us to post an event to your events calendar. You send us the completed content (text, images, etc.) and information (dates, times, locations, etc.)
  • Not included: You want us to install an events calendar on your website so you can manage events.

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