Content Management Services Explained!

What is “Content Management”?

WordPress websites consist of 2 main areas: The front end and the back end. The front end is what the user sees. Text, images, videos, pages, posts/stories, photo galleries, events in a calendar, etc. The back end is everything “under the hood” relating to software, patches/updates, plugins, etc. WordPress “Maintenance” typically focuses on the back end. The typical model consists of one person updating content, posting stories, uploading pictures to a gallery, updating the about us page, entering an event into the calendar and another person “working under the hood” to keep everything running smoothly.

What We Do!

We are in a unique position to not only offer back end / under the hood maintenance but also maintain your front end content. We have a variety of plans that provide you with a set number of hours over a period of time. It’s simple – you send us the content you need updating, and we’ll make it happen!

Can we help with your WordPress?

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